Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

September 28, 2019


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I can Recognize, but hell, I can’t Realize so well.
I’d drink more coffee but my cardiologist insists I don’t
I’d drink more coffee but my heart man prescribes “not so smart, man”.

I’d think more whiskey would push me to bask at last in a primal light,

but my general practitioner generally frowns about practicing until I get it right.

I’d read more but eyes see less.. I digress,

I’d come 2/pray more/give in/give more/dream-sleep in/weep for once/

walk the lit dark like I used to/ Take in the dark light. I’ve so far refused to.

I can Recognize, but hell,

I don’t Realize so well.


September 20, 2019


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Surely it might go

You must breathe free and steady

On by its own steam

April 18, 2019


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To adjoin Your Maundy Thursday observances.
“But, behold, the hand of him that betrayeth me
is with me on the table”
Can you find Da Vinci’s clue to just who?




April 15, 2019

The Sign of the Black Sun — cakeordeathsite

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My thoughts and as a consequence my dreams have been occupied by Prague lately, (a place I have never visited, incidentally), the city of Emperor Rudolf II with his court of alchemists, magicians, scientists and artists; where Dr John Dee and his medium Edward Kelley conjured up a vast array of angels in a Aztec […]

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Abattoir or Slaughterhouse? How Words Influence Our Perceptions — Rerouted Writer

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Abattoir – from the French abattre, ‘to fell’. As you would fell a tree to build a shed. Slaughter – from Old Norse slátr ‘butcher’s meat’; related to slay. As you would slay your enemies on the battlefield. Words with differing etymologies to describe the same thing, that each rest differently on the ear. It’s […]

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April 13, 2019


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“What does when a single insignificant   act may lead to consequences so immense, and also a tragically total dilemma, down the road comes to mean nothing?”

February 16, 2019

R.I.P. Bruno Ganz, who infamously played both Damien and Hitler, has died at 77 — Consequence of Sound

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Bruno Ganz, the Swiss actor who infamously played both the angel Damien in 1987’s Wings of Desire and Adolf Hitler in 2004’s Downfall, died at his home in Zurich, Switzerland. He was 77. According to The New York Times, Ganz had been diagnosed with colon cancer last summer. At the time, he was working at…

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February 8, 2019

Albert Finney R.I.P.

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January 31, 2019


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December 19, 2018

How to Abide on Queue / G. Paul Randall

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be calmer than an earlobe
but alert to subtle sound
quiet as a muscle twitch
as sterling as a pound
be lofty like the heavens
as consistent as a judge
unattached as fleeting clouds
be disinclined budge
reflective like a polished tile
be brighter than a flame
stoic as a VP’s portrait
valid as a claim
right like rain, and true as grit
determined as a dog
be quiet like a bell rope
and well rested as a log
be patient as a telephone
and sounder than a ring
stiller than a sheeted corpse
but proper, like a king
be ready like a boxer’s glove
for when they call it out
a name upon the intercom
it’s you, there is no doubt




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