Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

October 9, 2009


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L A T E N T S                                   -Kay Ryan

Just the hints, say

the side ridges of

fingerprints that

don’t rule out

innocence; or

the loose approaches

to tightening mazes;

ambiguous, smudgy

places. The dilation

dark absorbs; the

thing we don’t think through

before it happens:

all the early

stations of desire–

the first slight tug

against the string

that threads the

wire that threads

the cable that

guys the bridge

that alien traffic



            THE MAN IN THE MOON                 -Billy Collins

He used to frighten me in the nights of childhood,

the wide adult face, enormous, stern, aloft.

I could not imagine such lonliness, such coldness.


But tonight as I drive home over the hilly roads

I see him sinking behind stands of winter trees

and ruising again to show his familiar face.


And when he comes into full view over open fields

he looks like a young man who has fallen in love

with the dark earth,


a pale bachelor, well -groomed and full of melancholy,

his round mouth open

as if he had just broken into song.




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