Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

November 12, 2009

found while prowling for Irony

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15 years back

Just as she was leaving their liason

He stretched his chest up

from disheveled futon sheets

to kiss her in his trailer,

She exclaimed

She made it clear

She was a type of lady

to his gentleman, in her mind;

“You Will  be walking me to my car”.

Though a gentleman;

“Maybe you talk to your soon to be ex-husband

Just like that, but I ain’t him, nor his dog”.

And somehow since

they were still young in.. their recent relationship,

She changed back to “I was kidding”.

15 years on

Right in the only twenty minutes of hard rain

                              in too many weeks

He walked her, beside her, and her under her bright umbrella,

to her car in their driveway

in the middle of the night

as he always did when he was home.

Safe to her car,

he returned to their home,

All his clothes soaked to his flesh,

His hair in his face,

he stood it stone still on the quiet  lit  doorstep

turned and watched her back out

and drive off. He toweled off some inside

and expected her call.

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