Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

December 12, 2009

Belmont Ave Wordgirl

She didn’t have to shift out of the shadows

To emanate.  Belmont Ave Wordgirl had a

Focussed beam  projected by

A heart & laugh  concocted by

A furtive stew within,

Furious with worked words.

Evenings leaning on a pen,

Serious with her worked words,then.

We were calm enough then

We sat splayed in a sun in a rose garden eden

That they rightly used us in the nightly news,

“Spring’s Here!” I bet her we told ’em

In that weather scroll.

I was not calm enough then.

(Yr silent prose never went so sure)

Opening yr front door;

A vision I want dear

Forever;  Man, Yr really  wearing a mans white shirt,

And a guitar, on a big chair with a white sheet draping too.

I regret  that i let

Our moment

Shut too quiet

That I don’t now want to see

Like that front door

Shut behind me.


“You broke my heart… Carol”   

                                                -Rickie Lee Jones, From :Magazine

“Sorrow spoken here”       

                                                -Todd Rundgren, From “Who’s Sorry Now”

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