Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

March 31, 2010


There ought better be a beacon
on a cliff in California  could be
where hope’s light works with a sea horn
where a night light works with a warning
forces & forges  the blackest  fog & forests
There can be a candle
in a window with enough heat
to fire the hearth
to light the lone solitary stone room

March 27, 2010


I’m empty and cold, I’m empty and cold like a ruin
The wind tears through me, the wind tears through me like a ruin
Ah ghosts in the wind, oh ghosts in the wind

                                                from “Ghosts In The Wind” , Richard Thompson
Now and again, it seems worse than it is
But mostly the view is accurate
You see your breath in the air as you climb up the stairs
To that coffin that you call your apartment
And you sink in your chair, brush the snow from your hair
And drink the cold away
And you’re not really sure what you’re doing this for
But you need something to fill up the days
A few more hours

There’s a dream in my brain that just won’t go away
It’s been stuck there since it came a few nights ago
And I’m standing on a bridge in the town where I lived
As a kid with my mom and my brothers

And then the bridge disappears and I’m standing on air
With nothing holding me
And I’ll hang like a star, fucking glow in the dark
For all the starving eyes to see
Like the ones we’ve wished on..”


                                                          from “Something Vague”, Conor Oberst,Bright Eyes

March 23, 2010

“Kids, This one goes way out there to Dorrie & Lars”

“Everyone starts out   Pure,

Everyone starts out   Ridiculous.

Everyone starts out   Beautiful”

                                                                           –Rickie Lee Jones, from “Firewalker”



The boy came that night

to try, with all his might,

to learn, for godsakes,

to see what it takes to free

all the burn, all the ache


The boy came that night

in black  buttonfly  jeans,

He impressed  for  her

He pressed  against  her

The boy came that night

in black  buttonfly  jeans

before he would dare too far.



The girl waited for him,  for her prom,

Wanted him/ He was the way

She would need to wait.

He stuttered.  His timing was wrong.

They kissed hard in a car

Clutched tight

Watched that night for satellites

A cop had to stop them there

Before they could dare too far.


But tonight, They are too far


March 16, 2010

On Punitive Risk-Taking

He hadn’t eaten.  He hadn’t slept.

He wanted  it broken,  He wished he’d wept.

In fact, It’d stayed infected

Inside  since the night he

Pried away his prudent codes, and sense.

He’d taken Passion/ through

Opening   up


Calming  present tense.

March 13, 2010


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“A man can bare himself before others only out of a particular kind of love. 

A love which acknowledges, as it were,

that we are all wicked children”

                                                                   — Ludwig  Wittgenstein




I can dance around a fire.

If the spirits take notice,

If they’re drawn by this sight,

As  we   might  be

lured by the light

of dead stars, already,

If the spirits take notice of

Me at the blaze

My body and face,

(Not at all faking

What I choose  to let loose)

Shiny, and shaking  away my disease,

Let said spirits kindly

sign off on release.

March 12, 2010

Tapping On The Glass

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Anthill anticipations   lead

Us to curious needs,

Deep,  burrowing   mines.


Take catholic school kids,

Breaking their lines,

To tap on the glass,

There, at some aquarium.

March 11, 2010

“Night Comes In” by Mr. Richard Thompson

Night comes in like some cool river

How can there be, be another day?

Take my hand, oh real companion

And we’ll dance, dance till we fade away

Oh, the songs poured down like silver

They can only, only break my heart

Drink the wine, the wine of lovers

Lovers tired of being apart

Dancing till my feet don’t touch the ground

I lose my mind in dance forever

Lose my mind in dance forever

Turn my world around, turn my world around

Oh, this night is like no other

And this room is ringing in my ears

And these friends will never leave me

And these tears are like no other tears

Dancing till my feet don’t touch the ground

I lose my mind in dance forever

Lose my mind in dance forever

Turn my world around, turn my world around

Well, I may find that street tomorrow

Leave the shadow of my lonely room

See my one, my one and only

Heart and soul, I’m coming soon

March 9, 2010

Maybe It May Sound Like A House Of Cards Marrige

No one here can hear well

No wonder we’re

In the dark/ Acting out echos.

This one is consistently distant

Out in the barely living room.

I’m free,  yet tombed, in the computer room,

In curiosity, as cute costume.


I’ve got to say again

“What did you say again?”


And then we won’t remember.

Get it wrong again

(all along, I guess)


They think/ or know that to go long in

This thing,  they’d be beholden.


I’m free, yet assume, in the computer room

In curiousity, as cute costume

it’d be just just to be holdin

March 8, 2010

Music For When You’re On Your Knees Before Surrender

                    From “My Secret Life”  by Mr. Leonard Cohen

I saw you this morning.
You were moving so fast.
Can’t seem to loosen my grip
On the past.
And I miss you so much.
There’s no one in sight.
And we’re still making love
In My Secret Life.

I smile when I’m angry.
I cheat and I lie.
I do what I have to do
To get by.
But I know what is wrong,
And I know what is right.
And I’d die for the truth
In My Secret Life.

Hold on, hold on, my brother.
My sister, hold on tight.
I finally got my orders.
I’ll be marching through the morning,
Marching through the night,
Moving cross the borders
Of My Secret Life.





March 2, 2010

She’s Readying Our Bed

We’ll be signalled by the sound of the sheets

And come running in a beeline

More like  felines;

Harrison, Kayryan, then there’s Carl.

We’ll wind our way

Towards  sheer clouds  and sure play;

I’d guess less Hide than Seek.

I’d bet about No  “A-Boo”,

It’s more all Go  for “Peek, Peek, Peek”.

Us cats & kitties will fly in from nearby cities.

Boy, We’ll bound up there…

No, we’ll feel free  and go


Up upon there.