Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

July 31, 2010

“Bridge’s Out”



“Bridge’s out”

A boy in a blue scarf shouted.

But a girl with high boots and a cape

only whispered  “Icy  isn’t  safe”.

Both their lines seemed to lift steamlike,  upwords,

opposing  most all  downfall  white

(On his hair,  in her eye lashes).

White  lit it all,  it meant to mask the night.


Ethereal, yet so real, their faces were so pale.

They are, I thought, not far from fainting.

I strained to scout beyond them,  they stood out

Stark against wood and trail.

It confused me, admittedly, I might see a  painting.


“Watch yourself”,  their voices, close,

It sounded some  like me  who

confoundedly joined their chorus.

Starting down to the river,

I shake off a shiver under my clothes.

I take a deep icy breath, then take a step nearer chaos.

July 30, 2010

Mistaken Identity

I’ve heard it said

that Alfred Hitchcock,

who explored & investigated psychological matters,

artistically in his films,

particularly the nature of fear,

or a variety of fears,

I’ve heard it said

that Alfred Hitchcock’s

own personal greatest fear

was of  being  accused of something

he was not responsible for..falsely accused.

Falsely accused,

of all the things to be afraid of.


.how many guys get killed

going for their wallet,


&  they  thought it was a gun?

July 20, 2010

On Dark Secrets

I’ll be.

There’re  black bears

Blundering about

Just outside the see-through.

I’ll wind up & throw a shine to it

When I mean to, maybe might,

Face out to all a full moon might

chase out of all their usual shadows.

I’ll be.

There’re  black bears.

They’re there,  and only

Threateningly  near  as

I’ve not allowed  free roaming  room,

I’ve got them crowded

Inside a lens,  inside a zoom.



Transpiring  dramas drift  life’s stage;

 Revelations!   Felled nations!    Failed relations.

Transformed,  as time

“Turns  a  page”.

More  profoundly  he

“Turns  a  phrase”.