Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

October 18, 2010

my lite liturgy

fluently  I fought the words

and forced them some to fit

the lyrics weren’t as potent   at all

as the emotional pull they rode on

Inately  it ain’t a litany

that soothes the breast, softens rocks

It’s the pipe organ

that happens to spin

one   into control

October 12, 2010

two alarms (impatient)

Is  or isn’t it odd

that the gods have their own take

on what all gets  the go ahead

and all  just what must wait?

I was brought up to believe

that all’s seen through for some reason,

but if it happens  “as it should”

what if you  know it all goes wrong

and it’s going wrong all day

when two alarms should’ve gone off upon rising?

Or once again you wince & wait for your own way?


October 6, 2010


encased  in  impasse

I couldn’t even eye the passengers

past my papers.

I wouldn’t watch what

my window offered:

small towns, and their lights,

or all the reflections  of passengers,

also sweeping by.

continual inspections of my work

confirmed    my stall  is a lock still.

Y’see, yesterday’s night

I ran nine yellow lights,

& when my dreams weren’t just right…

I must decide to just ride.

throwaway film review

what if

the differences

“menacing”  moonglare shadows;

stirred by high winds,

branches & loud leaves,

turn maniacal, turn  magical.

What if the differences  they made on

some moods some might have

early after just waking,

What if the difference they made was

benefitting  and lightened

awakening moods

like “I walked With A Zombie”  does.