Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

November 25, 2010



Agonizingly,  A  friend, and wise king,  He

Begged  for  his  life.

I woke  &  witnessed his naked strife.

As softly he spoke out his pleas,

Softer, I called my  ”All Mercy”.



If only,  as when our women grieve,

I should wear a veil, head bent.

I would shield  my  damning  grief,

And all my disillusionments.

November 13, 2010

morning star

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The  gravel cough sound, just out of the car.

Satellite radio down & off,  turn to the morning star.

He’ll yearn, but will fight off   mulling over

an anonymous love note

left for him to find,  at work

leaving him to find another lover,

surprisingly  to  him,



to stuckopen arms,  all on their own

November 12, 2010

Destination/ The Church

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this poetry has been floating in my head for days