Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

March 29, 2011


when i  kicked something at work,

it was an unsafe area & i  hurt myself

so i  kicked something at work

they walked me off the floor & now i  hate myself

so i’m off  for some time  at work

they’ll drop all charges if i  damn myself

when i kicked something at work

i was no fool for those rules  myself

a perilous  future

presently  at work

my past actions are passed factoring in for myself

i don’t know what to do   what will work

since i kicked something at work

March 26, 2011


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She won’t remember when

Without a word we wandered

Dark  collegetown  neighborhoods.

Where were the dogs & cops?  I wondered.

We were thrilled for the night  still.

Still,  there were all the satellites.

And very still, there was that light

In a candlelit  picture  window.

It  gave  a silhouette, a shadow   readying  a bed.

Buffing up a sheet,  she showed us,

Me and my sister Janny,

Her  heartstopping   Beauty;

A silent ballet shadow show  that

We acknowledged

Her  walkstopping   ethereal naked lines,

And continued on, still wordless

And getting stiller yet.

March 23, 2011

NEW THINGS (from 2 yrs ago)

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        N E W   T H I N G S




            M  U  C  H

often it’s uncertain   to see,

to see the true things through,

but certainly sometime’s there’s time

when surely much of what’s new

when noticed might matter

to you or rather

to me


“Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing,moving at different speeds. A sense of humor

is just common sense, dancing”       -William James


.                    ii)


                D  U  E

I fear I forget that the frail,

nearly unable, but

when a whisper of   Will…

when they muster an incalculable

measure of  reach

to straighten, and lean up

for what’s due.

That’s alot to wait for


The Freshest thing in the clearing

by the pond’s sunk boat,

near a nest,  There’s this ringing

drop, possibly  just now dotting

one leaf,  left  just new

by all the dew

That’s what I wait for

March 22, 2011

My Own Take

I’ve had my own take of hard times

I sold my blood at blood banks

I sold my semen, sperm banks

My stocks would  go    at all time Bush lows

Favorite restaurants without reason

Failed & nailed up,  not on off-season 

Maybe my next life

Bad luck won’t fuck up

Parts of my sex life

When I get  my next nod

Then I bet

I’ll  promenade

on Easy Street.

March 10, 2011

After A Year, He Asked Me About Her

I told my brother

About my lover

&  Though   he promised,

My woe  of being admonished;

A “When his wife hears’  situation.

By chance, my love is in the balance,

(& a crack in the foundation)

I say a secret  is a  sacred shell

&  Armors the pearl

Of Ardor  & Love there.

I’ll tell my brother

“When I let on about my lover…

All that’s  over”

Sure to use the word “when”

Not a word about “what’, say.

It’s best not his business, anyway.

March 5, 2011


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Christ,  yr leg’s in a cast

You’re sure about blocking future forecasts

You’re admittedly transmitting   twice,

& transforming, & warming up to another one nice,

Brothering  another one nice,

Nudging  until you’re bothering  each other one nice.

Judging is silly here,   plus

Yr.  needs  are  serious.