Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

September 27, 2011

Phenomenon At Darla’s

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At dawn a child is drawn to Grandma

as she clinks her spoon in tea,

’round & ’round she scrapes the cup,

the sound escapes while his wonder is sleepy.


Like  this,

Us diners at Darla’s,

We’ll steal squints at the beaming man & woman,

at home at a table/ He has her laughing/

Her eyes shine/ Their hands are touching/ & nothing

distracts them/ They don’t know/

As though no one were watching here

(Not their intent  but a blatant

blizzard of bliss is jazzin up this joint)

Their heartbeats alter all the clocks in here.


At Darla’s  Their carefree, not careless,


established here at a table

follow them  right out/

& might enable them

to make it taper off.


In Darla’s lot,  Last Love;

they,  must pull away, pull out, &  drove

miles on away from one  phenomenon.



September 23, 2011


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I get out   ready to go

What I don’t get is the guy on the radio,

All misty & serious  this singer is warbling

About how  She is so hard to hold.

I’m thinking  how he’s hardly told something

True,  if truth be told.

To clutch and all   is natural,

It’s  letting go  that’s torture.

September 22, 2011

the darkest pond

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A late,  the too latest,  drive

Car thick  with ambient music

On  back  home

On back roads  I can come upon,

In deep,  way back,

The darkest pond,  & plumb

The darkest pond

Cool off  and  char

Edgy angular contours

In deep