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July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Tom Robbins

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an old hero

Silver Birch Press


Today is Tom Robbins 77th birthday! Hard to believe that the wild and wacky author of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues has reached septuagenarian status. For me, reading Robbins’ 1971 novel Another Roadside Attraction was a revelation about what a novel could do and what it could be. Thank you, Tom, for opening up our minds and inspiring us with your imagination. 

“Often the things that pop out of my typewriter regale me, especially when I am trying to say something else and in a different way only to have a kind of metamorphosis take place during the act of typing and — ­whammo! — a concept I hadn’t counted on is strutting its vaudeville on the page.”  TOM ROBBINS, ANOTHER ROADSIDE ATTRACTION

Photo: Tom Robbins at home in LaConner, Washington, by Alan Berner, The Seattle Times, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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July 16, 2013


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“Talk soft to me,

talk gently as the night

shuffles its papers

in high offices and hilltops.


Talk low like cattle,

breathe hay-scented words

and I will show you the book

kept inside my coat,


already learnt by heart

by the nightjars that churr

to each other before daylight

setting the darkness home.”


Helen Ivory

July 12, 2013


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7:44 am

the lawn man gone & begun

the back 40

B4 the dead’s morning dew 

had dried  he tried

B4 I’d tried a poem (1ce more)

he won’t wait to test the waters

he won’t stall off fallshort falters

he don’t palm off paltry gestures from loiterers

good things won’t cum to those who wait

for a rainier day

I would think

nor a plainer way