Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

October 19, 2013


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“There’s  no  art  to  begging”

He said, just ahead, near the liquor store door.

As an aesthete  I agreed.

It would always be awkward.


Every Very late, last-ditch efforts,

Pitches inside Big screen night light

Onto a bed in the dead of night.


There’s preaching entrepreneurs, every week newer

With us,  all weak.


There’s one non-working guy in the driveway

Who sprung for a buzz saw,

A guy in the driveway, off to the yard, man

His head down,

He Knocked, confidently enough,

(To wake me) 

Daringly down on my massive door.


My shitty shields go up for beggars,

I barely heard the guy out front of that store

(Too young, I used to beg strangers to buy beer there)

The liquor store philosopher

Said something like

He said, “Yep, I know the last episode.. I had

Really, really needed..to kneel down on these bad knees.

I asked  my something

I needed.

I waited  on   something.

I heard it.

Here, Can you hear the ocean?”


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