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February 14, 2014

It’s A Heart Day (take a token)

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Of  me

They’ve looked & lived love, y’see,

To me, Today, maybe

I haven’t the heart

For Hearts Day

I don’t maybe

Heart Hearts dDay

Deemed a day to

Dare to   declare

Chambres de la coeur

Hell, I tell them

“I love you”  nightly

& rightly so I go,

I up and go

Handstamp my name

at the bottom of some

Damp & dreary card rhyme

Not my own this time

And everyone knows 

Even one rose

And dark chocolates

Give rise to beauty

So I give duty

To give tokens to take

Of what’s already spoken

What’s already here a joke to take.



February 8, 2014


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When I don’t hear from her

When we don’t talk

Instead of what might

just happen in late night

screwball comedies,

A black & white


Where he keeps

Just  missing her,

& unknown to her,  her one & only is  so near,

& you watch  & wait for them to wise up,

For when their timing improves.

When I don’t hear from her

When we don’t talk

Instead of just sitting tight,

&  trusting the plot twists,

&  trusting our protagonists,

&  holding still for all that insignificant subterfuge

Until it all plays out that

They can finally take cuts in the

Everything’s-Fine   waiting line/

Instead of that

He keeps just missing her.





Yesterday at the yoga class

I was asked to  exhale out

All the  inside I saw as unsettled.

And all this matter   turned to air.

Then, to  take in a new air.  A More awake.  A More aware




February 3, 2014


I’m so sore I’m sure to call out

And I suppose   surprize them

That’ll  alert them to my hurt

An open wound now

I’ll flinch & grimace

& limp away as surprized as Lazereth

Aware of all this again

.for Phillip, Rest in peace


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