Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

May 23, 2015


I must discuss

A dark circus is in town

A boy in a spin, and trees swing around

He drops, and the swing stops

New dewfrost falls, he’s lost

In all the bare trees


A heavy disguise

Could be of use here

So cover your eyes, please

Your lover’s indecent

And trying on lies

His heart’s denying hard here

It’s a fact;  Abstract lies


Squeezebox  hymns  seem

To squish by inbetween

Aligned  treebark

Lighted & Loudened by a fullmooncloud

Lions let free/  Dark

Circus tonight and if I might

Mix in that crowd

A heavy disguise could

Be of some use

April 27, 2015


side effects may include

-absently staring into space (not time)

-walking into walls

-walking through walls

-delusions (the good kind)

-A cute optimism

-serious loss of scepticism, doubt, & Down.

-control issues

-Fact, being better than it seems

-a repacked pocketful of dreams

-spells of snow angels

-pretty picturewindows in a bomb shelter

-There’s a bird on a word

-There’s a drunk in a midnight chord

-we all scream.. for vanishing cream

-Alas, Atlas, tonight at least…
-don’t operate heavy machinery

-Blue Skies




catalysts:Sunni, Rickie Lee,Gillian Kidd Osborne, & a fine massage, finally

October 27, 2014

Rendezvous At Raddisons

Every session
She’ll sit side by side
Then  settle  back
An old start on a new bed
Every second
I’ll awaken, I’ll newly recollect, I’d
Nearly be taken back  by
An old start upon a new bed

February 25, 2010

“No, You phoria”


& for her, right back

“No, You phoria”

Our joy was stacked,

Pallets!   Muy high

We’d ballet,  & Bali Hi

We’d dip, over deep,  & sleep some

We’d awaken  our way, um,

We’d make our way, best we can

To our best Russian waitress and

Have our own hashbrowns, eggside

She’ll pour our coffee for our ride


November 11, 2009

One Shame

Yr. really great to travel

                         across the state

To stay some and play some

Before  It’s trying time again

Then again away some.



You haven’t seen me unravel

                          from this state of


Cards splayed on the table,


Our “under the table” masturbation,

Cool coffee table conversation.

I’m a fool for being able to fashion

A scoldingly, scalding cool passion

I can let go.


I can let go of you

Each occasion

October 15, 2009

Tryst Test

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Can I fairly confess this?

Can I budge from prejudice?

Can we maintain the attention

Our hearts require and request us?

Can we sustain a substantial

session of no pain?

Will we refrain from dreading

Our parting; fast and near,

Refrain from  dreaming


 our hearts past it clear?


Can I freely confess this?

Can I budge from prejudice

Can we sustain the attention

Our hearts require and request us?

August 8, 2009

lock down

Security is all tighter than usual

It isn’t business, tonight, as usual

It isn’t all right to let it all slide

Former lovers don’t forget how to get inside

Former lovers won’t relent, when time

enables an easy ride, I’m

maleable and easy.

If I lied & lead her way off

A well lit way in

She couldn’t come

(We wouldn’t come to/ We wouldn’t live)

Visiting hours, exclusive.



I bristled at this thunder

This willless surrender

I was offered awful fulfillment

A straightforward stretch to a touch

I waited for search engines

To say what the pull  was

Idled, & sidled just next to too much