Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

April 19, 2013



It’s some joker at work,

Seen at the first sink  in the industrial men’s room

Finding it funny to call out a hollowy comment on

Animal shitting sounds that must happen there;

“All right down there?”

Very peculiar POV


It’s a locker room loon at work who

Starts with minimal confirmed facts on the latest outrageous public violence

And formulates (or cyberRightgurgitates) convoluted conspiracy.

And Armed  antiGovt  Fearinsecure suggestions

I hate their naturally  peculiar POVs 


August 13, 2009

grimy mirror rhyme



It’s likely my loved ones won’t lose too much sleep

They like me, they think  so

Though know me a creep

It may be the smile I only suggest

They’re charmed for the charm I clearly suppress

They’re taken by my picture

A  fixture on my wall

I’m faking the frame-up.

It’s best I suggest a smile once a while

And pleasingly say it all  (or not)

Easily for a touched-up wall





And  true love waits /in haunted attics

And true love lives/on lollipops and crisps”