Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

December 4, 2014


Oh  my

Secret mission is to dream  the dreams

That  visionarys  fly


Balthus/ Chagall/

Dorothea Tanning/

I see Cecily Brown/ Karen L. Darling/

Munch/ Klimt/

& Sol Halabi/

Falk/ & Kobliha/

Lars Elling/ I have Kanevsky/


Fevered Maddening  among jungles

Fervid colorings sing

These are a few of my favorite things

February 8, 2012

Catch & Notice

Moments ago my big ole moon goes

right gauze-skirting inside a night cloud

Once I see this,  honestly,

It’s a black & white flicker

It’s a late, late, late show. It’s “The Letter”

“I walked With A Zombie”, “The Third Man”,”Cat People”.

Something is going on

Like under a magicians hankerchief

Something is gonna happen

We go darker into shadow

&  It’s Eminent  &  Soon

If we should  just  catch & notice

god’s shiny icon in a guaze skirt

December 2, 2011

Like Consequences, Early.

As rising tides of daylight’s ocean

Slice wide  through the blinds & the shrubs behind the blinds,

The sun,

Regretfilled notions

Upset upon me   1  by  1


March 22, 2011

My Own Take

I’ve had my own take of hard times

I sold my blood at blood banks

I sold my semen, sperm banks

My stocks would  go    at all time Bush lows

Favorite restaurants without reason

Failed & nailed up,  not on off-season 

Maybe my next life

Bad luck won’t fuck up

Parts of my sex life

When I get  my next nod

Then I bet

I’ll  promenade

on Easy Street.

February 5, 2011

Morning Light Whites

My funny  anglophile,


I’m sure you could fit as british

I’m sure  that could be  one big hat

You wear  in yr garden  for tea

It’s a cliché’

But   porcelain

Is the crayon I’d use for yr skin.

It’s not the naughty tickle that gets you grinning

When I kiss yr creamy creamy belly,

You forget that  it calls   with beauty.

When I kiss yr bum & backside,

You ignore that it’s more than  backthere  backside.

When i explore yr inner arm,  inner leg,

All yr  inners,  Inner faces,

Now you  know  new  inner secret places,

New,  even to you, you nude alabaster


& you pray I’ll stay slow

but   oh

you  go

“go faster”.

February 4, 2011

Something Of Our Own


when we come home

There’s a mini bar,

&  a not so good book in the drawer,

&  it’s always a shitty windowview.

Yet  It’s  me & you.

We wear sarongs so right from the shower.

We have our oils, our creams,

&  all our powers,

Fun to unleash.

We’re one, at last.


We both brought flowers.




When we come home

There’s a mini bar,

But she’ll spill something of our own

Smokey & Irishy in a good glass.

We’re one, at last.

January 26, 2011

Mornings, he went off his porch

He went off his porch

&  then got his ladder

So that he might hear

The rain much better.

He’d bet  his birds

Would sing out sooner

Than dawn, or than when the wet was done.

He’d fire up his  ford

Big swallow the usual

milk cream & whiskey

Aside his harsh coffee

and lighten things, his brain,

the night and rain.

January 12, 2011

Coffee Break Theology

The sight of a meteor

Might signal us

To kiss and cuss.

You’ll utilise your

Cues-to-Be,  or tries

To be..the spiritual


Beast  the best

Of us are.


We’ll take it.

December 11, 2010

On Turning To Day’s End Bright stars

Upon getting home I can hold on/ and sit in the still of a cold car/

and listen to the cloud of many nothings in choir loud and/

let the nightwork shuck off like dead snakeskin/

Stars bring  bright/tho’ moments my car might/ save me from some/

although my neck already achingly turns/

towards them before I can/

straighten up/ turning out/ outside/

onto my driveway

December 10, 2010

Winter Awareness Verse



                    ONE WINTER ADDITION

teachers to small children

the world over

pastors to parish

they all will tell the pretty truth

(aside the pretty lies, “pretty lies”)

that  crystalline  snowflakes

are unique.   unique.

and maybe later in both

secular schoolrooms

and sunday school classes

(and in all their varieties the world over)

small children might make snowflakes for themselves

they’ll fold lacy paper exactly in half

 with a good crease

and taking their round-ended scissors

they’ll cut their very own unique cuts

so that when everyone unfolds their lacy paper

and lifts it above their heads

everyone can laugh at their uniquenesses


but one thing that ministers & mentors

rabbis & nuns will fail to add

is that those one-of-a-kind snowflakes

are all


in their descent

on icy black currents

all their night fall



               STILL,  NOT STILL         

It’s the coldest morning this year

And the Farmer’s Almanac says  this year

There’s gonna be a winter of  ’em

Me,  I won’t mind

I like how loud the  still  is


forty years ago a brother from Chicago

called the cold wind

“the hawk”

I wonder if it’s still true

I wonder if  “that muthafuckin Hawk”

is still cursed & bundled against

in the only city cited for its big blow.




When island settings lose their place

                                           in  imaginings,

When our mornings sun  there

warming skin,  bare,  but for spot-traces of surf,

Or all shade floral   sanctuaries,

perfect for setting your eyes on

god’s perfect line,  a horizon,

When all won’t free you,

Won’t call you from all this  freezing

Point  of  view,

This illusionary season,

What ttthen?

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