Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

December 2, 2011

Like Consequences, Early.

As rising tides of daylight’s ocean

Slice wide  through the blinds & the shrubs behind the blinds,

The sun,

Regretfilled notions

Upset upon me   1  by  1


July 26, 2011

red sweater

There’s  this  Delores

At a fire, down the dunes

I can see this far

from up here

They like talking about her

By her name, while she’s there

Then, when she decides

To add another take to the fire

Her sound is sure

Though  her hair  is in her eyes

And on her red sweater

She’ not yet pure enough

to sense

I long for her  here

Forty  years  on

January 26, 2011

Mornings, he went off his porch

He went off his porch

&  then got his ladder

So that he might hear

The rain much better.

He’d bet  his birds

Would sing out sooner

Than dawn, or than when the wet was done.

He’d fire up his  ford

Big swallow the usual

milk cream & whiskey

Aside his harsh coffee

and lighten things, his brain,

the night and rain.

December 11, 2010

On Turning To Day’s End Bright stars

Upon getting home I can hold on/ and sit in the still of a cold car/

and listen to the cloud of many nothings in choir loud and/

let the nightwork shuck off like dead snakeskin/

Stars bring  bright/tho’ moments my car might/ save me from some/

although my neck already achingly turns/

towards them before I can/

straighten up/ turning out/ outside/

onto my driveway

April 28, 2010

shackled in full moon’s shadow

if my bloody feet

work the way

up my path as they

might,  come day,


these falls,  this stumbling,

All before my Moonlight

would be humbling

with goodly reason.

April 11, 2010

One Warning

It’s not only at night

One ought to be quiet

So as not to .startle

A sleepwalking man


So  you stay still

Mostly  I still do

I wouldn’t awaken

A sleepwalking man


He’s steering past scenery

He’s deaf to the dreadful din

It’s as if imbedded in him

An old ghost holes up

And mostly he still goes

All lost.

He’s explosive

World wrecking

But mostly he’s expecting

All lost.

April 7, 2010

s t I N K

of all the lies

in the air

that this liar

is truely unaware of

(is  ’truely’  the right word?)

of all the lies

casual and caressing there

the air currents  n

night blooming jasmine

(is  ’current’  the correct word?)

the golden ones have come from…

(I’ve told em. All alchemy.)

emboldened lies, all born, I imagine,

from an open pen draining onto pages,


from nothing.

March 27, 2010


I’m empty and cold, I’m empty and cold like a ruin
The wind tears through me, the wind tears through me like a ruin
Ah ghosts in the wind, oh ghosts in the wind

                                                from “Ghosts In The Wind” , Richard Thompson
Now and again, it seems worse than it is
But mostly the view is accurate
You see your breath in the air as you climb up the stairs
To that coffin that you call your apartment
And you sink in your chair, brush the snow from your hair
And drink the cold away
And you’re not really sure what you’re doing this for
But you need something to fill up the days
A few more hours

There’s a dream in my brain that just won’t go away
It’s been stuck there since it came a few nights ago
And I’m standing on a bridge in the town where I lived
As a kid with my mom and my brothers

And then the bridge disappears and I’m standing on air
With nothing holding me
And I’ll hang like a star, fucking glow in the dark
For all the starving eyes to see
Like the ones we’ve wished on..”


                                                          from “Something Vague”, Conor Oberst,Bright Eyes

March 11, 2010

“Night Comes In” by Mr. Richard Thompson

Night comes in like some cool river

How can there be, be another day?

Take my hand, oh real companion

And we’ll dance, dance till we fade away

Oh, the songs poured down like silver

They can only, only break my heart

Drink the wine, the wine of lovers

Lovers tired of being apart

Dancing till my feet don’t touch the ground

I lose my mind in dance forever

Lose my mind in dance forever

Turn my world around, turn my world around

Oh, this night is like no other

And this room is ringing in my ears

And these friends will never leave me

And these tears are like no other tears

Dancing till my feet don’t touch the ground

I lose my mind in dance forever

Lose my mind in dance forever

Turn my world around, turn my world around

Well, I may find that street tomorrow

Leave the shadow of my lonely room

See my one, my one and only

Heart and soul, I’m coming soon

February 25, 2010

“No, You phoria”


& for her, right back

“No, You phoria”

Our joy was stacked,

Pallets!   Muy high

We’d ballet,  & Bali Hi

We’d dip, over deep,  & sleep some

We’d awaken  our way, um,

We’d make our way, best we can

To our best Russian waitress and

Have our own hashbrowns, eggside

She’ll pour our coffee for our ride


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