Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

August 12, 2009

Fear, And A Moment’s Grace To Go On

I heard a ways back/that the actor Peter Sellers/stormed off a set/(a clunker cliche’/”stormed” as a verb)/That Sellers acted up, disturbed/by all that was wrong when a man in the crew/wore green and purple.

Sellers balked at doing the scene and walked off/quite mad./Purple and green./An omen of death,I guess/not for you/

Edgy artist/Peter felt put out enough about it/the stuperstition thing/to blurt it/stand by it/insistassuming others to buy it.



Stuperstitious/I’m edgy/it just doesn’t hurt./Tonight I wear my purple tee shirt/The one I sport under my sportjacket For and at my favorite Art concerts/My sisters,/my snug Mr. olive greenjeans, and Airwalks are on/I ride on a stride so fucking strong/As my ipod/ juju/ Radiohead/will carry me dead on.