Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

December 16, 2009


Another clown rules things

                                 or rather, is let to

Another cloud rolls in

                                 or rather is stiletto made to

Another King and Queen

                                 marry for Peace

Another thing I’ve seen

                                They’ve nary a taste in their very own domain, tho’

Another pussy cat caresses & purrs for her food

Another lovelike gesture  misunderstood

Another dark maneuver

                                   to deliver  a need

cajoled from a kingdom, a lover

                                   lies indeed

October 22, 2009


An apple, itself ready for it’s  fall

Rolled towards him.

Looking up from his hands,

his distresses, in his Rousseau Tableau;

Big leaves, big cats, even lions;

Definitive lines

Staged around his hazy distresses.

Clearly and neat, his sweet fruit…

His  way for his fall up.

September 21, 2009

“dark feet and dark wings”

TO KNOW THE DARK              

                                                                        – WENDELL  BERRY


“To go in the dark with a light is to know the light.

To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight,

and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings

and is travelled by dark feet and dark wings.”



        C A U T I O N    

                                                        –RAYMOND  CARVER, from “A New Path To The Waterfall”


Trying to write a poem while it was still dark out,

he had the unmistakable feeling he was being watched.

Laid down the pen and looked around. In a minute

he got up and moved through the rooms in his house.

He checked the closets. Nothing, of course.

Still, he wasn’t taking any chances.

He turned off the lamps and sat in the dark.

Smoking his pipe until the feeling had passed

and it grew light out. He looked down

at the white paper before him. Then got up

and made the rounds of his house once more.

The sound of his breathing accompanying him.

Otherwise,  nothing.  Obviously


June 11, 2009

blood shadows oils for later

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blood shadows oils for later

In the upper peninsula of Michigan
blustery State Road 2 you must go.
It’s quite common to drive over
deep blood in snow/ dead buck or a doe.
Just as felines must fall & fill gutters
South of there, all over.
deep blood in the snow.
With the people of upper Michigan
it’s quite common they’ll drape over
& tie up their meat
off the back of their battered trucks
and freight it home to their freezers
for later.

Here in Southwest Florida
on the way to work
it’s uncommon…
(I called out “Oh my God”)
it’s uncommon to drive over…
(I killed an alligator)
I was light on sleep and late for work
All in a dream’s dread, in my headlights,
I called out “Oh my God”

Still When I left working, dark in the dawning
(I left It for the taking. It was gone.)
Still were spilled shadows. most it was gone.

Lost. home, what would save me?
milk cream & alcohol
Nor Down on my knees
under Art on a wall;
Oils spilled on
empty space clean
I know is for all, from All.
(I called in “oh my god”)
stains for a dream

June 10, 2009

sea foam phantoms

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sea foam phantoms

very lately
I’ve looked to see,
just off a shoulder,
sharp left outside a window,
just off camera,
someone or thing, I think.
The there, then not trick.
Here, I’ll see it
here I’ll see it for what makes sense.
Y’see, I’ve evidence.
sea foam phantoms
left a belated beat back,
just after this wave sweeps back. 

I don’t think it’s drink
or the hours I should sleep or
all the private pranks I
fall for.
I’ll envision these

green sea black deep