Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

February 11, 2015


It’s meant to be  a pair of documents,

Y’see, But I signed both.


Caught, I could  share   the clench

He put on that  pair of documents.


Bright lights washed this whiteish room.

The solemness thing   a candle brings,

Though I searched,  all the shadows had no shade in this room.


We digressed some away from

the heart of the matter

When he stressed  my stories were

fog & mirror


I’m sure I concurred  that if

Scenes and factors shift

From tellings to retellings,

It seems the fact is  seems shifty.


“But plainly, a  planned  lie,

A tall Alibi, that had ironclad  unchanging,

Mimicry! is one word for word bed story,

Read to children.


Isn’t that one good bet

That wins & sets the liar free”


I think he let it sink in, and then set.


“And you expect me to reject

Classic casebook investigation technique

& instead of  doubting inconsistency,

Instead ..One consistent story

Is a tell tale “good bet”

for Guilty?  And yet,

changing ones tune again & again  is uniquely

Honest?   it’s best to revise to clarify..

As one more clearly

recalls  new  old  details?

Just as pieces of night dreams

Resurface  into..Really??!”


“Um, yes.”

October 9, 2012

Setting The Table

Aw heck,  on a lark,

I likely heard a   “Hark,

Hear all this  beck and call”.

There, I see it had hailed from  icy altitudes.

So, when I wised up some, and tried to listen,

At this end, I waited, and while I waited, I understood.

It wasn’t  the explanation,

It was the going  on & on deal,

Passing time,

It was  setting the table,  not the meal.

August 13, 2012

Wilde Love

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“Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary.”
-Oscar Wilde

August 4, 2012





Spaulding Gray,   RIP


Met, when he approached me, introduced himself and invited me to join him onstage for a performance, seriously


Barry Sobel


met in an odd situation, introduced him to my brother


Richard Thompson


met  twice for a backstage meet & greet

a hero



now, it’s yr turn. Do Tell

August 3, 2012




While you come out and say

You might await some communique’

I might just wait some

To formulate  some take on

Raw data  streaming onto the tarmac

(Surreally so As filmstrip will go spill  off a reel)

This all filling files somewhere

There must  have been plenty

Taking place.


Night, when there might have been plenty

Taking place

I escaped unscathed, tho’ scattered

It remains to be seen & heard

If I would make  it matter

It can be  there may be  plenty

Taking place.

July 20, 2012

still full in caftans

You need to know

You needn’t load these new cameras

It’s less necessary  this new era

I imagine now  new images

ejaculate pointblank to blank pages

Get-sets galore fill gallery folders

I heard Gatling gun wordings

for fun  function as captions

I read that the wind full in caftans

Help to heft up our boulders


still tho’

March 2, 2012


If it happens  I uncap my pen &

My stainless steel stanley cup &

Pour out diluted, polluted  black.

If it happens

If happenstance stanzas

Jack a  no holding back  &

Jettison  one simpleton’s

Single spaced  symbols;

Crayoning  cave wall paper,

Marring  meaning  of  (my own)

Dislodged  embedded  myths


February 25, 2012



“The course of every intellectual, if he pursues his journey

long and unflinchingly enough, ends in  the obvious,

from which the non-intellectuals have never stirred.”

-Aldous Huxley, writer

January 7, 2012

Between Olive And Rose

It is foolish to suggest

These twin sisters finish

Each others’ sentences,

This strange twist is

They  start  them.


One started how there’s no stopping

When ones’  wounded in hatred;

“The malev..violence at the mall,”

“A machine gun in a car”,

Said her sister, as she went so far to

Read the paper.

“I  know him.

Y’know,  He reminds me of the fraud

In a camouflaged cap

Who was there begging for another vague veterans cause.

When I passed, he aggressively addressed me,

‘Enjoy your Free dom’. Yeah,  that’s him

In the paper”


One started how there’s no stopping

One  wounded in love.

In truth, when one’s  sweet tooth

is acting up, often, off the map,

It’s true, House cats that come

From the darkest rooms & the farthest lawns

Are drawn to Sweet Tooth’s lap,”

Her blood sister could only flush.

December 22, 2011

Sillypedia 2

“Cast a long shadow”

Is one unusual phrase,

But nonetheless It’s a pleasing one.

One woman at work

Told me that it was about getting older;

The sunset years were where you “cast a long shadow”.

I don’t know, I’m thinking,

Say, that you thought of doing something

Not quite right,

And it resounded

Night after nights after,

Like a shadow  is darker  after you

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