Honestly, I'm a Liar, & Other Balances & Imbalances

August 5, 2011


They made him stay

in a hospital hallway,

An old guy.

They traded looks w/his awkward family,

the very old guy’s.

His  head  bled  steadily.

Third time this week he’d fallen.

This time, now, he’d allowed

trumpeting sirens & a ride in.

Waiting is  the true torture & nature

of emergency rooms and very late nights but

the head scan results were way slow &

it was the hallway. When the old guy got wind

that he needed a staple or two in his head

he heard “his heart”. He turned irascible,

saying he would not  stay nor die in this hospital

and said louder still he’d  “walk out and keep on walking”

as he started to pull on his wiry connections & insertions.

He yelled when they stapled him & didn’t believe the staff or the family

he’d be released.



May 31, 2011

Jots on Aging

I’m just a step behind the old man

I’m spotting him so as he knows  nothing of

In case he falls.


I walk a step in front of him

So he can see something big to follow

So I’ll lead  and lure, surely a solid jewel

&  follow us  like  we’re a fragile jewel 


May 20, 2011


I  contend

I can maintain  mainly steady motion,

As a  seastorm wreck  under ocean.

I’ll  extend

My hand humanely.  Mainly obligation.

I must offer up, against the grain,

To dare offer  heart,

That light  from a slat

In a self-styled safe cell that

Will spill and splash

On  still quite a quiet crash scene again.

April 2, 2011


There’s this  homemade barricade

And man, my hand-fed

Selfish self-explanations

For it,  my big warm tit

Plump full of  obstacle

Homey white fence,  gateless

If only  a fighting defense,  gutless

My  hold ’em off

My hold ’em off

Hold off

Hold off


March 29, 2011


when i  kicked something at work,

it was an unsafe area & i  hurt myself

so i  kicked something at work

they walked me off the floor & now i  hate myself

so i’m off  for some time  at work

they’ll drop all charges if i  damn myself

when i kicked something at work

i was no fool for those rules  myself

a perilous  future

presently  at work

my past actions are passed factoring in for myself

i don’t know what to do   what will work

since i kicked something at work

March 22, 2011

My Own Take

I’ve had my own take of hard times

I sold my blood at blood banks

I sold my semen, sperm banks

My stocks would  go    at all time Bush lows

Favorite restaurants without reason

Failed & nailed up,  not on off-season 

Maybe my next life

Bad luck won’t fuck up

Parts of my sex life

When I get  my next nod

Then I bet

I’ll  promenade

on Easy Street.

March 10, 2011

After A Year, He Asked Me About Her

I told my brother

About my lover

&  Though   he promised,

My woe  of being admonished;

A “When his wife hears’  situation.

By chance, my love is in the balance,

(& a crack in the foundation)

I say a secret  is a  sacred shell

&  Armors the pearl

Of Ardor  & Love there.

I’ll tell my brother

“When I let on about my lover…

All that’s  over”

Sure to use the word “when”

Not a word about “what’, say.

It’s best not his business, anyway.

February 23, 2011


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I’m so sore I’m sure to call out

And I suppose   surprize them

That’ll  alert them to my hurt

An open wound now

I’ll flinch & grimace

& limp away as surprized as Lazereth

Aware of all this again

February 11, 2011


It’s a mistake  to say  “Kafkaesque”/

and misspeak   it to describe/

a lousy hour at the car dealership/

or persisting, yesterday,/

until a credit card company pawn/

on the phone  might see it yr way./

They’d be  devoid of a  worried/

meandering aloneness on effin foggy cobblestone

Prague shadows & all their surreally uneven angles/

debilitated, as some delirium is the case/

&  one’s encased in  one  sensational  frustration.

February 8, 2011

Before The Job

Let’s say   We’re sailing

on the prevailing wind  of fate.

Respecting that   (damn straight)

I expect that  botching it

Could only be  considered

A consequence

Of bad planning

(it makes sense),

A consequence  allowed,

A consequence  followed

By bad consequences

Of   happenstance.

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